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asma Qadah أسما قدح رحالة travel blogger مدونة السفر أرشيف

ASMA QADAHAvid Malaysian Travel Blogger. Content Writer and Translator. Bred in Saudi Arabia, my first home, where my father decided to settle and start his business in the early 50s. As I grew up, I decided to head back home, Malaysia, pursuing my further studies in 2000, and since then, I have never looked back!.


Malaysia has always been our home during the summer holidays, but it’s now my “home” where I always come back to, no matter where my feet take me around the world.

I had the opportunity to travel solo to several Gulf and Middle East countries. I would stop a few days in a state before arriving at Jeddah. I have seen many in Singapore, Oman, the UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and the ball rolled out. I have since visited more than 30 countries—perhaps more than 28 islands. The list would still go on longer than you could imagine. My passion for travel increases every day, and I do not think it has limits. I believe it is limitless.

Since then, I became a Travel Blogger. My passport and backpack are always ready for me to take off. as years go on, I and I became a digital nomad since 2016. I left my full-time job in Malaysia after 12 years of an exciting career, in which it has progressed in various sectors, such as banking, diplomacy, and finally, business development.

أسما قدح asma Qadah travel blogger


“As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks – on your body or on your heart – are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” Anthony Bourdain


I live this style of life now, as a travel blogger. Traveling around the world is my childhood dream. There is one goal in my life: visiting every country I can. My Malaysian passport allows me to see more than 160 countries around the world. That is what I want to achieve. I am not in a hurry. I would be grateful if you could complete this mission.

Why this passion? Why not! I love to learn about others’ cultures and customs. Trying new local food and cuisines. I like to see everything with my own eyes. What’s next? I have not decided yet.

My style of travel combines adventure and recreation together. Traveling like locals is the best for me; it allows me to see the country how they see it. I hop on their buses, eat their food, and sleep in their villages. In contrast, I indulge in my hobbies of swimming in coral reefs with turtles and sharks. I do all this while giving enough time to work remotely as a blogger and content creator. In the end, I’m a Digital Nomad!

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership | Resilience | Adaptability

I recover quickly from setbacks and do not let negativity pull them down and I view failures as learning opportunities and an intrinsic part of the route to success. A good team player who pays attention to everyone’s input in a group setting brings energy to groups without wanting to necessarily take charge. lastly, I prefer to work in stable environments and is uncomfortable with dealing with unplanned changes.

Analyzing | Exploring

Curious and like to explore new ideas and approaches. When faced with a problem, I tend to think out of the box and enjoy considering a wide range of alternatives. I look for opportunities to learn and thrive in roles that offer them novelty and variety. On the flip side, I may get bored in routines and at times may be perceived as overly optimistic or having impractical ideas. I prefer to make decisions based on feelings or instinct rather than rely on evidence. As a result, I tend to pay attention to different views and opinions rather than spending time analyzing data.

Quality | Result Driven

I pay attention to details and enjoy delivering work that is of a high standard. I might lack the energy to complete tasks that I find boring and tends to work in a less systematic manner.

Networking | Collaborating

I feel at ease when connecting with new people and generally have a well-developed network. Display empathy towards colleagues and finds it important to listen to their points of view. Likely to involve others in key decisions and plans and give credit where it is due and delegates easily when necessary.


Content Writing: Focusing on Travel content and Lifestyle related subjects on my blog and other travel platforms. Along with creating social media content, campaigns, and engagements.

Translation: Providing Translation (English<>Arabic) services for companies and individuals, focusing on the general and technical translation of Documents, Articles, Marketing materials, and labels.

Travel Guide: Guiding guests to both known and unknown destinations on the road-less-traveled. I will be assisting clients closely to experience unique adventure travels in South East Asia.

لوقو مدونة أسما قدح


Asma Qadah is a passionate blogger. Founded my first blog in September 2007 as “asmaworld.com”, a journal. It was time then to re-branded early 2017 to Asma’s Blog. a Travel and Lifestyle blog. focuses on getting the best out of a destination for both budget and time-poor travelers. Asma’s Blog created to inspire travelers to experience each destination as it is. Rather than the typical tourist destinations. Through informative destination guides and travel tips, I show my readers where to save and where to splurge, to ensure they have the most amazing travel experiences. With intensive and hard work, Asma’s Blog made it to one of the most active Arabic Travel blogs. It became a travel resource for Arab travelers, with readers and followers spreading across 5 continents.

Top Countries: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United States,  Egypt, and the UAE. Besides another 57 countries

Gender69% Men and 31% Women

Samples of previous projects 

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… and many more 

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Are you a brand, organization, or tourism board seeking to acquire added online exposure for your business, service, or destination? Click here to download PRESS KIT. or Contact me at asma@a-qadah.blog.

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I will be delighted to discuss further collaborations related to creating travel content, translation, and travel advisory in Asia and the Middle East. Reach out to me at the form below with your ideas, and let’s have a chat! 

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